DIY Campervan Conversion Guide

Sometimes, hitting the road in your VW van can be really beneficial. Heading out on a trip to the seaside or even crossing the border to explore new places can be so fulfilling and exciting. Driving yourself there can help to save so much money, but sometimes the hotel can be the expensive part of the trip. With so much space in the back of the van, why not transform your van into a comfortable, stylish campervan with a place to rest your head after a fab day exploring! Here’s an easy guide to help you convert the back of your van into a stylish abode!


Clean the Van

If you’re like most of us, having our vans clean and tidy seems almost pointless. When you’re using it to transfer the expired Christmas tree in January or you have almost every tool you own stored back there, what’s the point in cleaning it, just to make it dirty again? Well, now you’re planning on sleeping back there it’s a whole new story. Clean the back of your van properly so that when it comes to sleeping in there, you’re not surrounded by dust and dirt!

Measure up the Floor Space

In order to fit a bed that’s going to work well and utilise the space you have, you need to measure up and find out exactly what size area you’re working with. Measure the floor area of your van to give you an idea of how large your bed can be. This will also help you to figure out how much space you need for storage and to be able to move!

Use MDF for the Floor

Medium-density fibreboard, also known as MDF, is the perfect material for this kind of conversion. You want to use this material for your floor support, as its strong and durable and will also add a little insulation to keep you warm at night. Once you’ve added floor support, the back of your van will feel more like a room than a vehicle!

Frame and Layers

To keep your floor sturdy and in place, add a frame to the floor support for your flooring to sit on. This whole process will simply ensure your flooring is safe and not going to fall through or collapse. It will also make it much more comfortable and homely for when you’ve added in your bed and you’re on your great adventures.

Making the Bed

Cut your frame using the measurements you gathered earlier in the conversion. Using a particle board, you can create a strong, comfortable bed which can have added hinges (if required) to enable it to fold back, giving you plenty of space to store essential items underneath. You can then look at introducing items such as an air bed or mattress, dependant on your budget and which would be more suitable. It’s not always clear which one would work best, so trial them out to help you get a better understanding to which you’d prefer.

Add a Sideboard or Table

With your campervan conversion kit, you can create all kinds of great features to add to your campervan. Sideboards and bedside tables are the perfect addition to give you a little more space to store essential items. Dependant on the size of your campervan, if you have enough room then adding a small cabinet will make the area feel homely, as well as adding a practical touch.

Personal Touches

Whilst you won’t be spending much time in the back of your campervan, it’s still nice to have a little personality included. Adding items like your duvet and some comfortable pillows will ensure you get a comfortable, settled night sleep. Similarly, you could add other items such as a clock or even a photo pinned on the wall, just to give a little more character to the place and make you feel more at home.