Car batteries are an important component in a vehicle

Car batteries are an important component in a vehicle. Without the power that they supply to start up the vehicle to get it in motion, you’re not driving anywhere. This is all the more worse when you are not at home and your car batteries Durban give out, and end up getting stranded somewhere else. Car batteries Durban should be examined by a professional, once a year once it is 3 years or older. At Battery Man we train our staff intensively before sending them out on the job. Oh yes, at Battery Man, our customers do not have to come to us to get their car batteries Durban examined or installed. We go to them. Our delivery system is done free of any charge.

Customers who require any services for their car batteries Durban can give us a call and we will dispatch a technician within 24 hours to handle the query. We supply all types of car batteries Durban from smaller vehicles all the way up to commercial tractors. No charge is given for us coming to you. The only cost would be the car battery itself. We also take away old car batteries Durban. It is now useless to you as it no longer works but this is by no means the end of it. If it is not scraped properly, then the acids from inside will begin to spill out and pollute the environment around it.


Even if people have used car batteries Durban and will not be replacing it with one of ours, arrangements can still be made for one of our drivers to pick it up whenever they are nearby. This is also done at no cost. When one of our technicians are dispatched right to your door, they will bring along a replacement car battery just in case it is needed. They will firstly do a full scale check on both the alternator and car batteries Durban. The physical condition of car batteries Durban is inspected to see if it is still intact. Constant off road driving can cause vibratory movements loosening it. If there is a rust build up on car batteries Durban, it will be cleaned off with a specialized mixture.

The alternator is also checked. The process cannot be complete by omitting this part. This is the device that produces the energy that constantly recharges car batteries Durban so it is vital to test that the flow is up to speed. In theory, this may seem a simple process but without a specialized knowledge or the tools to get it done it can turn pretty dangerous to someone untrained attempting it on their own. Car batteries Durban do explode at the slightest of wrongdoing and combined with the acid from inside, will burn really deep into the skin. There is no need for people with cars in Durban to have to risk this when the service is being provided free of charge and it comes directly to you giving even more of a reason to make use of it. Take advantage of Battery Man years of extensive knowledge and quality product line.