Tips to Maintain Expensive Cars

What comes to your mind when a flashy car passes by you? Expensive maintenance? Deregister that thinking. These machines are not expensive to maintain. You only need to master a few tips on how to maintain them. Some of these tips are:


1.  Checking the oil level of your car regularly

Too high or low oil level causes problems to the engine. Check your car oil level to maintain it at the recommended level. Also change the oil when required to. Check the oil level to ensure the engine is cool i.e. remove the oil dipstick after a night’s park or thirty minutes’ journey then wipe it using a paper towel. Dip it once more into the oil then look at the two marks near the end of the dipstick. One mark is the maximum and the other one minimum. The oil mark should be between the two marks and must be clear.

2.  Check the brake fluid regularly

Brake fluid should always be above the minimum point. The brake fluid is adept at moisture attracting. This moisture corrodes components making it to fail, it should be regularly checked. The brake and the brake system should be replaced once a year.

3.  Keep paint finishes in good condition

Keep your car’s inside and outside new by applying waxes and polishes. Regular waxing and polishing of your car protects it from fading. If a bird poops on your carwash it off quickly as waste can damage the paint.

4.  Regular inspection of the wheels and tires

Rotate your tires after a certain period of distance. Check the tire pressure regularly e.g. once in a week, for bad tire pressure affects comfort and handling. Remove dust from the brakes. If the dust is not removed for a long time, all sorts of nasty stuff contained in the dust e.g. moisture, road grime and heat from the brakes, will be baked onto the wheels. Since brake dust clings onto the wheels with static electricity, use clean cold water and a dump sponge to get it off.

5.  Check your coolant level regularly

The cooling system need to be flushed and the coolant changed at least a year. To prevent corrosion and deposits from building up inside the cooling system and to keep the cooling system in good condition, the ratio of mixture of coolant to distilled water should be 50:50. Note that the radiator cap should not be removed to check the coolant level when the cooling system is hot. The cooling system is still under pressure; if the cap is removed the pressure release can burn you.

6.  Keep your car clean

Do not wash only the outside of your car. Wash inside and underneath also. Hose off winter salt and road grime on the lower side. Keep the auto glass clean and clear to avoid obstruction.

7.  Protect the interior plastic

Interior plastic can be protected by:

a)      Using a window deflector screen

b)      Parking your car under shade

c)      Applying a UV protector to protect vinyl and the plastic from drying out

8.  Check your battery terminals regularly

Most expensive cars run on a 12 voltage negative ground electrical system. If the battery terminals and contacts are not clean, it becomes impossible for current to around the electrical system. To rectify this defect, disconnect the terminal caps and clean each contact and the terminal caps with a wire brush.

9.  Greasing moving parts regularly

For moving parts to last longer, they need to be greased regularly. Proper greasing prevents ball points from wearing out due to poor lubrication. Clean, inspect and repack wheel bearing with wheel bearing grease. Next time you buy those guzzlers contact me for more tips on their maintenance.