The Basics on Workplace Accidents: Who is Liable and What should You Do?

Accidents happen everywhere – and since most people spend most of their time at the workplace or spend a considerable time doing work-related jobs, chances are you will sooner or later have to deal with an accident at work. But the big question is, who is liable and what should you do? Is it your fault? Is the company responsible? Here are some tips about what to do when involved in a workplace accident.

  • Common sense and policy

Unless you have sinned against common sense or company policy, you are not at fault. If you see yellow cones with a warning sign that says ‘wet floor’, then don’t walk there – but if you have walked on a wet floor, slipped, and there were no warning signs, your employer might be to blame. Similarly, if you have completely followed company procedure and an accident still happened, the procedure may be flawed. If you have had an accident and have taken proper care, there’s no reason to be worried at all.


  • Report it immediately

This cannot be overstated: report it immediately! Your employer is supposed to keep a record of all accidents that happen at the workplace. This is recorded in the appropriately-named ‘accident book’. The company accident book is there for a reason – so management can review it and take appropriate measures to prevent future accidents, as well as to aid insurance companies with claims. If you don’t report it immediately, there is a good chance that either management or the insurance companies will cast doubt on your claims. Report it right away!

  • Seeking compensation

If the accident happened through no fault of your own and you have sustained injuries of some kind – be it mental, emotional, or physical – you have the right to compensation. Make a claim as soon as you have an idea of what proper compensation would be. Legally speaking, you have to claim within three years, but we strongly advise you to make your claim as soon as possible. Speak to doctors, consult a solicitor if necessary. Do not let your employer or the insurance company force you to sign any letters of admission or compensation unless you have sought advice of your own; do your proper research and then submit a claims letter to the proper offices yourself.

The fact is that we spend much of our time in the workplace, and hence the employer or business should take every care possible to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, the nature of an accident is sometimes unpredictable, and chances are sooner or later you may have to deal with it. Make sure you know how to claim accident at work compensation or speak with the experts at

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