Glass Repairs under the Radar

Unfortunately there are scams for every real scenario, and windshield repair and replacement is a prime target for criminals to make some quick cash and steal personal insurance information. It’s important to recognize the signs of a scam, or an untrained person trying to make a little extra money at your expense. There are specific behaviors and typical places where these rip-off artists hang out. Knowing what to watch for can save you from a loss of money and the stress that comes from being scammed.

Car Wash Scammers

According to the Better Business Bureau, if someone comes up to you at a car wash and tells you there are a couple of small chips in your windshield that can be fixed for free if you insurance covers it, just say no. They will ask for your insurance information and claim to be calling your representative, when in fact they have a partner answering the phone. They get your personal information, make no repair, tell you the work’s been completed, and they bill your insurance company. Just say no to anyone who approaches you and claims if you don’t fix those tiny chips you will have expensive windshield problems.


Family and Friends

According to Cobblestone Auto Spa, you should never allow a family member or a friend repair or replace your windshield, under any circumstances. The windshield is critical to the support system of your vehicle. Untrained persons may be able to get a windshield to “stay in,” but if improperly installed it compromises the integrity and safety of your vehicle. There is no way they can guarantee their work if it fails, your insurance company won’t pay for it, and it would most likely void the warranty on your car. Is it worth it?

Full Service Gas Station

Minor repairs, inspection stickers, and tire repair are the primary responsibilities at a full service gas station They don’t have the experience, training, or equipment to properly install a new windshield. Don’t be talked into having your windshield replaced at a gas station, as your insurance may not cover repairs by untrained and unauthorized parties.

Always have your windshield checked by a trained glass specialist to determine if you need a repair or a full windshield replacement. Most insurance companies cover the full cost, and you can be assured of quality workmanship.