Try This Incentive On For Size

The competition is always strong in the car business. Every dealer, and manufacturer, wants your business. They go out of their way to show you why their vehicles are exactly what you need. In addition to the advertising and full color brochures, manufacturers often offer incentives to win you over to their product. Whether it is a used Ram dealer in Bergen County or one in Philadelphia, the incentives they offer can be beneficial when you are purchasing a new car.

Cash Allowances

According to Zacks, just the word “cash” gets the attention of most people. Cash allowances are offered in order to move cars that might sit on the lot for a long time. The cash allowance amount is taken off the suggested retail price of the car when you make the purchase. This incentive is always said to be available to “qualified” buyers. If you have excellent credit, you make the grade as a “qualified” buyer. Your credit rating is very important when you are car shopping. One of the nice extras when you qualify for a cash allowance is the ability to use that money to upgrade the car with some extras.


Reduced Inventory

When you see a reduced inventory sale, you can assume the cars have been sitting in the showroom for six months or longer. Act quickly if you see a sign offering a cash allowance on any car in the reduced inventory stock. These cars tend to sell faster than others, and the choices will dwindle quickly. Most cash rebate incentives expire within a month or two, and it’s hard to know when they will be renewed. If you miss out, watch other local dealerships that sometimes follow a competitor’s lead.  You may still find a good deal. You could add the latest GPS technology or upgrade to heated leather seats.

Manufacturer Financing

According to Chrysler dealer Westchester in Nanuet NY, manufacturer financing can be as low as 1.9 percent. As with all incentive programs, you must have excellent credit to be qualified. If you do qualify, the reduced financing can save you a considerable amount of money. You can check manufacturer’s websites to find out if they are currently offering an incentive program.

If you have excellent credit, take the time to look for an incentive program before you make your purchase. The money you save is worth the time spent shopping around.