Saving Money on Your Hilarious Digital Short to Make You A Star

“So you want to be a star of the silver screen, and you’re just as happy as being a star from behind the silver screen, meaning, you want to write and direct. One could argue there’s more star power as a writer or a director, more staying power, if you are truly great. That’s because as you age you can get wiser and write more interesting pieces and develop more power, instead of aging into the boring old person roles, like Robert DeNiro has done. He’s become a mockery of himself! You don’t want that. So you’ve moved out to California and you’re ready to start your career but you don’t have that much money yet. You and everyone else! So you have to save money on the production in your early days, and here are some tips on doing that.

Work for Free, Hire for Free

One thing that costs money list he labor, the other people involved. Most folks will want to get paid for their work. That said, so many people are also interested in making films and have no money. So what can you do that can benefit both of you? If you work for free on a friend’s project, maybe they’ll be willing to help you on yours! IT’s a no brainer- pay it forward and PA or work for free on a production that someone you know is making, and then when it’s time for you to film, they can help you for free. Time is money, and lord know we got a lot of one and not so much of the other!

Rent the Right Equipment

When you’re filming, you don’t want to run into obstacles that derail the whole thing, so you want to rent the stuff you absolutely need, like the lights and the cameras that will really make your production pop. You can even visit a car rental los angeles place and see that renting a production vehicle will make a lot of sense when it comes down to the time you want to film. Don’t just throw your money away, since that’s a limited resource, really make it fun and nice and good. You can see what kind of vans or trucks they have for your daily rental needs at

Get Snacks

It’s also an age old truth that the best way to get people to work well on your set is to make sure they are fed and have plenty of water. You don’t need to go get a gourmet spread from some expensive place, but some cheese and cracker platters from Trader Joes and a bunch of waters and sodas will be great. You can even get Subway, no one really cares, just so long as they don’t have to work while being mad hungry. A little goes a long way in the food department so make sure you’ve thought of that and you’ll do well. “