Look At All The Colors That Fall Brings

“When late September finally rolls around and the air begins to turn cooler in many parts of the United States people start to think less and less about fun and sun at the beach and more about the colder weather that is to come. While winter may not be completely upon you just yet, you know it is not far off. However, September and October provide you with a great deal of their own, including the spectacular color display that can be seen in many parts of the country thanks to the turning leaves. The beautiful fall foliage that can be found in many parts of the country this time of years can greatly brighten up your day as you take a drive into the areas where the trees are changing.


Leaves Change All Over

While many people seem to think New England is the only place you can go to see the gorgeous colors as the trees go through the fall months, the fact is that you can find great foliage all over the country no matter where you are. There are 31 states that you can visit that have noted scenic areas to provide you with some of the best views of the foliage. While most people are aware of what you can find in places like Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, you are just as likely to find great spots to visit in New York, Virginia, North Carolina, California and many other spots.


When to Go

Going out to look at the leaves when they are at their peak in colors can vary depending on where you happen to live or where you are in the country. Leaves in New England will have a bit of a different schedule than those you might find in the Midwest and the Southeast and timetables vary not only from state to state but from different areas of the state as well. Peak times in one part of New York can be past peak times in another.

Planning a Trip

If you are looking to plan a particular trip to take a look at foliage, you may want to consult the local areas of where you want to visit so you can see when the peak times are expected. They can vary based on the weather as well, as warmer days tend to limit the brightness of the colors. Once you know where you want to go, you might also want to look to see if there are any other activities in the area you might enjoy while you are there, such as local fall festivals, apple or pumpkin picking, horseback riding, hiking and more.


The beauty that can be provided from the fall foliage no matter where you go can be breathtaking. Just taking a simple drive into your local park or up the highway to see the different leaves and areas changing can be a great way for you to spend the day. If you are planning to look at some leaves, you should do so in the best and most comfortable vehicle you have available to you. You may even want to consider getting something new at the local jeep newport beach area dealership. Take a look at what is available from OC Auto that can be perfect for you and the fantastic fall drive you are planning.