Cars That Will Impress the Joneses that Are Available to the Non-Carnegies

Cars are a necessary thing in these times because we need the mobility to get from place to place. Love them or hate them cars are here to stay, and we need to embrace what they mean to us and to society. Because frankly, what car you drive does a lot to say to the world a thing or two about you. If you drive something lame you are lame. There’s no denying it. So you can either resign yourself to being totally lame, or you can make sure you get a cool car. If your’e worried about that, but don’t have the money handed down to you from the Carnegie family, then you need to listen up and get one of these cool cars that aren’t going to break the bank.

Nissan Skyline


This is a great car, the Nissan Skyline, and it’s going to be a big hit among you and your friends and to the people who are hating on you. This car comes as a possible hybrid, which really shows how much you care about life, the world, and about being a great socially conscious person. It’s a nice looking car, too, which won’t hurt when you are trying to impress everyone. What not take one for a spin and show your feet what it’s like to press down on a sweet Skyline pedal. You won’t be sad. You’ll be happy. And don’t you want to be happy.

Toyota Solara


The Prius is the most popular Toyota now, just like the Camry used to be. But don’t overlook the Solara. Seriously, this thing looks like a multi-millionaire’s car, it’s a great car for the price, you will be totally stoked to have this thing in your driveway, and with the great power under the hood you will be even happier. Just think about how awesome it will be to have a sweet ride like this. You can even get the convertible. Look at the Solara if you happen to be driving past Vista Toyota. You can even go online to the website for Toyota Escondido and start shopping for the Solara here and now. You’ll be able to get up and running as soon as possible and the Joneses will all be like, whoa.

Hyundai Veloster


This car is a great car that will be a more bang than buck situation. It’s such a great car, and it’s so cool looking, and even though it’s a Hyundai which is usually a great opportunity to show the world you’re a total failure – but these days Hyundai’s are not so bad. They really aren’t. Don’t believe me? Well you’re missing out. Because I’m telling you this is the way of the future, a car that is cheap and looks cool and has luxury. If you don’t believe me then you’ll just be driving some over priced piece of garbage from now on. Go ahead, give it a spin.