Providing Auto Care for Your Car At A Low Cost

No one ever wants to spend more than they need to for keeping their vehicle in pristine condition, but you want to make sure your car doesn’t become a lemon in the near future either. With a few tips you can find products that will maintain your car’s newness and performance.


  • You can use coupons offered by Groupon Coupons that will help put money back into your pocket with access to more than 9,000 stores with over 70,000 coupons. Be sure to always check back since new coupons are added every day!
  • Do you ever worry that your battery will run out of power or your engine won’t turn on? Sears offers a handy and very useful DieHard 200A Wheeled Battery Charger Engine Starter. The DieHard features 200A engine start for immediate starts, a 40A rapid charge, and a 2A charge for charging your car’s battery. You also get solid-state circuitry, with a 12-foot total reach, and 8-gauge output cables. Have peace of mind that you’ll be able to recharge your battery or engine when you run into problems.
  • A useful tool for discovering hard to reach problem areas is the Whistler Wireless Inspection Camera. This nifty wireless inspection camera can easily discover, diagnose and solve hard-reach problem areas. The camera features a 3-foot flexible tube that lets it bend and shape into tight spots and whatever it captures shows on a full-color LCD monitor. Some useful situations this inspection camera can assist with include air conditioning vents, plumbing pipes, are near furniture or appliances where the space is minimal.
  • While it’s important to maintain the mechanics of your car, it’s just as important to maintain your car’s paint job and other exterior areas. One way to preserve your vehicle’s paint as much as possible is with the use of a wax such as Turtle Wax’s 1 Step Wax and Dry. Turtle Wax 1 Step Wax and Dry help you out with a quick and easy way to achieve a high gloss Turtle Wax shine. All you have to do is wash your car, spray it and then dry it. It can’t be any simpler than that! The Turtle Wax is formulated with a blend of carnauba wax and protective polymers for optimal shine protection similar to a traditional shine in a shorter amount of time.