Is hybrid technology the future of the motor industry?

The cost of petrol at the pump can be misleading. Just because the past few months have seen very low prices for consumers does not mean that there is no cause to worry about future oil reserves. As fossil fuels become more expensive, consumers and the motorsport industry will be forced to look towards alternative technologies for vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are becoming more common as technology improves and they become more affordable for the average driver.

Climate change and motorsports

More people than ever have become aware of the drastic changes in the environment that can be attributed to climate change. As a result, many are looking for ways to reduce emissions and their carbon footprint. This concern has caused the motorsport industry to come under fire for wasting fossil fuels and contributing to climate change. Fortunately, there are many industry leaders such as Max Mosley that enthusiastically encourage the development and use of green technologies. This is good because the motorsport industry may experience even more criticism as fuel becomes scarcer. Some critics see motorsports as an unnecessary luxury that can be done away with if fuel is scarce.

Learning more

Former FIA president Max Mosley has long been an advocate of environmental stewardship in the motor industry. His green philosophy has encouraged the Formula One racing circuit to work towards developing greener and safer technologies that can be used in everyday cars as well as those on the Formula One racetrack. For more information, consider watching Max as part of the 5×15 speaker series. 5×15 with Max Mosley is sure to be an informative and entertaining lecture on the green future of motorsports and privacy in the modern world.


Hybrid cars

While electric car technology is improving, hybrid cars are far more common. Hybrid cars are quiet and give the driver the flexibility of using two systems to power the car rather than one. When the car is using petrol, it is also charging the car’s batteries. Hybrids can also save drivers money in cities such as London that have a congestion charge. The new hybrid cars are as easy to drive as any automatic. The car knows when it should use petrol and when the batteries are the best way to get power.

Educating others about climate change

While there was a lot of debate for many years about whether global warming was real or not, it is hard to deny the changes that are occurring in many areas of the world. Children are the future and need to be aware of how the choices they make in their lives can affect those all over the world. Education results in responsible stewardship and compassion for others.

Preparing for more expensive fuel

Right now is a great time to get a hybrid vehicle. It means that you will be well prepared for higher fuel costs. If prices rise quickly, there will be a high demand for hybrid vehicles. Since hybrids can save you some money and reduce your carbon footprint even with low petrol prices, there is little incentive to wait until prices rise.

There is much to consider when debating what the best source of fuel is for the future of motoring industry. The choice between fossil fuels and hybrid technologies will continue to burn on, and the only way to get across the importance of finding a more efficient and inexpensive means of motoring is through education.