Four Things to Do When You’re Selling Your Car


You are selling your car and are all excited at the prospect of a huge amount of money coming soon into your bank account. You start planning all the things you will be doing with the money!

Sometimes, to make money, people also disassemble the car and salvage auto parts. When you are selling out your car, make a checklist of the things you need to do so you do not miss out on anything. In this way, not only will the car selling process become a whole lot easier for you, you will also save yourself some serious hassle n hasty steps, later on!

So, getting started, this is what you have to do when you are all set on selling away your car:

Getting the Car Professionally Inspected

This is probably one of the most crucial steps that many just skip. Unless you get the car inspected, how else would you know in what working condition is the car?

Only a professional inspection can let you know about the working condition of the car. You will also know beforehand if there is any problem in the car so you can get it fixed.

A professional inspection gives you more negotiation power over the buyer. The buyer and seller both have the full knowledge of the car and there is less chance of buyer confrontation in case of any late occurring problems.  It also leaves a good impression on the buyer that as a seller, you are serious about the selling process and have taken care of the car.

Clean It, Clean It, Clean It

A step, which is more like common sense advice but is actually very great in helping selling out cars, is none other than washing your beloved car. You do want it at its best, don’t you? A car spic and span, with a glossy, shiny appearance, glowing in the sunlight will automatically attract the buyers!

First of all, clean the interior of the car and remove any elements which are littering the car such as any food remnants, cluttered documents, pieces of tissues, etc. Get the car serviced and polished at your car service station.

If you smoke in the car, get steam cleaning done too, to make your car look all the more presentable.

Set a Price

To sell your car, you should have at least some ballpark figure to go by. You cannot just give your car to the very first offer you may get.

You should check prices of cars going on your local Craigslist. Also, get your car be examined by professional showroom managers and car dealers.

There can be a huge difference between both these figures because how much the other cars in your local area are going for, doesn’t necessarily mean the same is valid for your car. In any case, the estimate given by your local car dealer after examining your car might be more accurate since it is in consideration of the condition of the car.

Knowing the value of your car is essential in the case when a buyer haggles on a much lower price. You would know what is the last price you can put up without suffering any loss.

List Your Car on a Specialty Forum

Because a specialty forum will have car enthusiasts and like-minded people, they will be informed and will better understand the value of your car. Plus, they might connect you to someone else looking for a car like yours.