Understanding Car Insurance and Warranty

Vehicle Insurance

Car insurance has grown to become an increasingly complex affair, because the industry is replete with numerous cover options as well as tempting discounts.

The most regrettable thing is that, most people do not take time to do research on the best insurance covers available. A good car insurance will promptly provide you with financial protection against the risk of injury or physical damage, resulting from traffic collision or rising liability.

There are several ways in which car owners can work to reduce their insurance premium rates. The most common ways include; shopping for affordable rates, buying an affordable mainstream car, paying insurance premiums in lamp-sum and avoiding costly vehicle modifications.

Car Warranty

A car warranty can be defined as a promise from the car manufacturer, to repair faults which may occur on the vehicle during the stipulated warranty period. Within this period, the dealer is obliged to fix the defects at no charge to the vehicle owner. The repair work should return the vehicle back to the previous working level.

The 3-main types of vehicle warranties are new vehicle manufacturer warranty, new vehicle statutory warranty and used vehicle statutory warranty. The new vehicle manufacturer warranty, normally, extends beyond the statutory warranty period. Car owners can always check with the vehicle manufacturer or dealer for more information.

The new car statutory warranty covers the vehicles first 20,000km or 12 months, whichever comes first. This warranty typically covers all the defective units on the vehicle. The used vehicle statutory warranty covers all cars brought from the dealership that are below 10-years, with fewer than 160,000 km.

The vehicles should additionally not exceed the legally obligated, luxury car tax limit. The used vehicle statutory warranty is usually valid for additional 5,000 km of driving or three months from the date of purchase. Some of the items covered by this warranty include; safety features, the vehicle’s road-worthiness and reliability.

Extended Warranty

An extended car warranty is also known as a service contract, maintenance agreement or service agreement. Extended warranties only cover specific mechanical failures; the coverage also carries a limited claim amount. When selecting a warranty for your vehicle, it is important to read between the fine lines to make sure that you have the most suitable car warranty.

Some vehicle dealers can extend your warranty period beyond the legally set manufacturer period, if you pay an extra fee. However, extended car warranties usually come with certain obligations; for example, vehicle owners are only expected to fix their cars in exclusive shops. Most warranties do not cover items like; batteries, routine adjustments, tyres, misuse defects and accessories fitted into the vehicle after purchase.

Our Options
When choosing a car warranty, do your research to avoid the temptation of getting carried away by false advertising. The popular Mazda extended warranty by Allianz is specifically designed to cut expensive car repair costs in order to save you money and protect your valuable investment.

This warranty extension policy also allows car owners to cancel the policy in return for a refund. To get competitive insurance quotes and pricing for your vehicle, you can call or visit our Warranty and Insurance offices. To ensure greater reachability, the company offers an online inquest form, which clients can fill and submit to receive a prompt price quotation.