Properly towing a trailer

Towing a trailer can be hard work. Even if you have been on the look-out for high quality trailer hitches Victoria BC you still need to make sure that your car can bear the weight of the trailer and that you have everything else you need to make sure that your journey is safe for both you and other road users.

With that in mind here are a couple more things to keep in mind before you head out on your journey.

The right hitch for the right car

Every vehicle has a different maximum weight that it can tow. This should be specified in the owner’s manual and you should make sure that the weight of the trailer that you are towing falls within the safe limits for the vehicle, else you run the risk of causing a wide variety of issues that could lead to the trailer disconnecting or otherwise becoming unsafe.

Along with the vehicle’s maximum tow weight, you also need to ensure you get good hitches Victoria BC. Generally speaking it is usually a good idea to get a hitch that matches the maximum load of your particular vehicle, even if you are going to be towing a weight that falls below those limits. This way you can be certain that your car is up to the job.

Safety chains

In most states having safety chains for your trailer is a legal requirement, but even where it isn’t it is highly recommended. They offer another line of safety should the hitch happen to fail or some other problems arise. Be sure to cross the chains to offer the maximum level of security and be careful to offer enough slack in the chain so that the trailer can be steered, without giving so much that the chain drags on the floor.


Check the trailer brakes

In most cases a trailer’s brakes are run via the battery, so it is always wise to check that your trailer has enough juice to stop properly when you need it to. It should charge whenever the trailer’s engine is running, but make sure you do a quick check with a voltmeter before you head out so that you don’t run into any unforeseen problems.

Check the tongue weight

The ideal tongue weight is generally considered to be around 10-12% of the trailer’s original weight and it plays a large part in determining the trailer’s centre of gravity. This, in turn, plays a large part in how the trailer will react when you are cornering. Tongue weight is an important consideration and must not be ignored. Consider how the items inside the trailer affect its centre of gravity and, where possible, move things around a little bit to compensate for unwanted sway. Be sure to stay within that 10-12% limit. Too much and you can cause more load bearing issues for your hitch.