How to Import American Cars From USA to Australia

If you are interested in importing an American car into Australia, there are a few things that you should know before setting out on this venture. We have compiled a list of tips as well as some information on government regulations for both countries. There are rules set forth for exporting and importing a vehicle through the respective countries. If you follow all of the rules, you will have no issue learning  how to import American cars to Australia.
United States Regulations on Vehicle Exports

When exporting a vehicle through United States customs, you must present all of the necessary documentation. You must have the original title for the vehicle and prove that you are the rightful owner. In most cases, you will have to provide this information up to 72 hours before the vehicle is to be shipped.

It is much easier to get a vehicle out of a country than it is to get it into a country. For that reason, the next section focuses on the regulations you must follow to get the vehicle in Australia. For more information on regulations for exportation in the United States, please refer to the following government website. If you need to purchase an American car,check out video about loan for American cars.

Australian Government Regulations on Vehicle Imports

In order to be successful with your import, you must abide by all of the rules set forth by the government. First, you should be aware that the importation of vehicles is prohibited unless it is a very specific circumstance. Large manufacturers are the most common importers of vehicles but it can be done in other ways. According to the Australian government website, “Approved companies known as Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs) may import a limited range of used vehicles on behalf of individuals.”

New cars are transported in a truck in Sao Bernardo do Campo

The best way to go about importing your vehicle if you are an individuals is to find a registered automotive workshop and pay the fee that they will charge you for importing. If you do not want to go through a registered automotive workshop, as an individual, you can apply to import a vehicle into Australia. It can be difficult to figure out which option is best for you so using the online tool can help you make the best decision.

Keep in mind that you must acquire a Vehicle Import Approval from the government before shipping it into the country. For more information on the laws set forth by Australia, please see their government website at Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development.

Extra Tips to Help the Process Go Smoothly

Once you understand the rules and regulations set forth by the governments involved, you have all you need to successfully import your car. In order to make the process go even smoother, you should find an importing cars to Australia guide. The guide will go into further detail about the government rules and regulations and give you some helpful tips.

Once you have decided the best method for you to import the vehicle, whether it be with a registered automotive workshop or by yourself, you will have success by following the basic rules and being prepared.