The Importance Of The Oil Change For Your Vehicle.

We all know that we have to get an oil change but why? Why is it that oil changes are so important? The question must run through everyone’s head at least once and truly we are never really given an answer the majority of the time because most people don’t know they just know that they were always taught that it had to be done for the car.

Well truth is oil change are probably the most vital fluid change needed for your car because over time the additives that the oil has to allow the car to clean and cool degrade and eventually without a change the oil doesn’t remain that liquid anymore it becomes more of a sludge that will create deposits on the engine and block the whole system.

So in that case knowing how important that oil changes truly are many wonder what the best type of oil is and why? But not just that what truly is the difference between all these different types of oil?

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Types of motor oil

There are four major different types of oil: conventional, synthetic blend, high mileage, and full synthetic.

  • Conventional oil really is just refined crude oil that comes from the ground and is the least effective in protecting your vehicle; however it is also the least expensive.
  • Synthetic blend has conventional oil in it but it has other man made additives that help further protect the engine from damage this type of oil does a lot better with cold startups and being able to handle being in traffic for a long period of time that naturally heats the engine without having the engine go to hot or cause the oil to degrade.

types of motor oil

  • High mileage oil is next on the list which is an oil that is specially designed for those that have older vehicles with a lot of mileage on it or for those that drive a lot more than the average person throughout the year. This type of oil protects from burn offs, engine leaks, and deposit build up which are all problems that can happen using normal oil with high mileage vehicles.
  • Full synthetic oil is completely man made oil and has no conventional oil in it. Full synthetic oil is the only oil without any conventional oil and is the most expensive; however there are countless advantages to using full synthetic oil on your vehicle. Full synthetic oil provides better fuel economy, can handle extreme temperatures without breakdown, cold startups are meaningless and don’t matter with this type of oil and is advisable for all new vehicles and high performance vehicles.

oil change

Those are the different types of oils and each one does belter for different types of vehicles or for people with different needs. The reason that so many oils exist is to allow the owner to not only choose what they want in their vehicle but be able to decide which they believe will work best for their vehicle. So yes oil changes are more than a vital part of taking care of your car and it is important to not only change your oil but put the oil that is best for your car inside it.