Selling Your Car Quick and Easy

When you need some quick cash, selling things you don’t need is a great way to get it. Your car may very well be the most valuable possession you own. If you are ready to get another car, selling it can help you raise the money for the deposit or to take a sizable chunk out of the purchase price. If you are moving to a city with great public transportation, like New York or D.C., you can sell your car and pocket the cash. The more popular your car — like the Jeep Cherokee or Mazda 6 — the more you can make.

Where you sell your car and what you do to sell it can have a big impact on the purchase price. Here are a few things you can do to sell your car quickly and to maximize the selling price:

Get It in Top Shape

You don’t have to give your car a new paint job or replace the interior to sell it. However, cleaning it thoroughly can help you sell the car quickly. A clean car looks like a well-kept car, which will make it seem newer and more valuable. Detail the car inside and out, or take it in to a shop that can detail it for you. It’s a small step that can have a bit impact, especially if you are selling a car that has been used for off-roading, like a Jeep.


List It in the Classifieds

The classifieds can connect you with thousands of potential buyers. Just write a short ad, submit it for publication, and let the offers roll in. You’ll be able to sell your car quickly, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle you might encounter at a car dealership. Once someone decides to buy it, you’ll just get the check and be done with the transaction.

Set a Competitive Price

When you sell in the classifieds, you can still make a good profit while also setting a competitive price. Since dealerships have to worry about overhead, their prices will be a bit higher. You can set the selling price for slightly lower than what a dealership would sell for while still making a nice sum. The trick is to find the right balance to make the car attractive to buyers while not shortchanging your potential sale.

Make sure you sell your car quickly and for what it’s worth by following these simple tips. You’ll get the cash you need in no time to buy your next car or to pad your IRA.