Tips For Buying A Used Car

Many consumers are discovering that used cars can be a great choice. Before making a purchase, there are a few issues that you should consider. Each one can mean the difference between finding the right car or settling for a less than reliable choice for your own situation.

Cash or Loans

Before starting out on the hunt for that used car, think about how much you want to spend. Decide whether you can pay cash or if a loan will be necessary. If you are paying cash, remember not to take too much money from your savings as that can put you in a bad financial situation. A positive for this method is the fact that you face less fees. According to, paying cash can remove ‘thousands of dollars’ from the price.

For a loan, it is always a good idea to go ahead and get pre-approved. This will cut out any problems later in the buying process. Remember that possible interest fees on the amount you borrow and a set monthly payment for a certain number of months will be used on most lending situations.

Choosing a Car

After your financial issues are settled, look towards what type of car you want to buy. Make a list of several models, colors and accessories that interest you. Now narrow down your choices by each category. Try an internet search for reviews of the cars you like to help in the decision.

Once you settle on a selection, the actual purchase can begin. This can be done online without much legwork to start. Many dealerships offer their inventory online with photos and information for you to look at. According to Adweek, more people visit dealerships online now than they did before.


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Visiting a Dealership

The last step is going to the dealership or the whomever has the car you decided on. If you go to a dealership, ask about any sales or rebates that might be going on at the time as this could cut the final price. While there, ask for the car’s history.

These car histories can give you information, like if it has been in an accident or flooded or possibly even its service history. Next test drive to experience the car before you buy. Many readers of sites such as insist on performing a through test drive before taking the car.

Additional Features

Keep up with warranties or other offers for services that may occur after you have purchased the vehicle. A great way to do this is making a list on your smartphone and writing special information on certain dates. This information can be appointments for oil changes or tire rotations. Always check with the dealership to ensure what is covered.

Used cars are becoming more popular as people look for vehicles that will save money on their everyday expenses. Doing just a small amount of research can reduce prices and help you find the right vehicle. Always feel free to ask questions and know your rights as a consumer throughout every step.

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